Contract and Prices

Saravilla Danes Puppy Contract
This sample contract is an example only.

Saravilla Danes Puppy
Saravilla Danes reserves the right to change any items used in this contract, before the time of the sale.

This agreement is being signed in Mahoning County, Ohio, and
is where jurisdiction remains should any legal dispute arise.


Sire: _________________________________________________________________

Dam: ________________________________________________________________

Date of whelp: _________________________

Sold to: ______________________________________________________ Date: ______________

Breeder/Seller:_________________________________________________ Date: ______________

$1,500 for companion marked pups: Merles, Black and Piebalds. Ear crops are additional and optional.

Harlequins and Mantle pups are available to non show homes, as companions, for $2,500.  Ear crops are additional, and optional.

A $300-$500 deposit is required to hold any pup. 

Shipping: I prefer that pups be picked up so that I can visit with the new owners, and have you get to know my adult danes.  In the event that the pup must be shipped, then I will ship the pup through the Pittsburgh Intl Airport.  Cost is approximately $400-$450, additional.

Seller and Buyer agree to adhere to the following:
1. Buyer has the option of having the pup vet checked within 3 business days of the sale of pup. If the vet finds the pup to be in ill health, then the buyer can return the pup for a full refund.

2. Buyer agrees to follow the feeding plan that the seller has suggested, by keeping the protein level at 23% or slightly lower until the pup is one year old. No supplements such as calcium, or table scraps.

3. The seller states that the pup sold today is in good health , and has had their first set of shots at 6 weeks of age. Vet records will be attached.

4. Seller guarantees pup against genetic heart disease; hip and elbow dysplasia; until the pup's 2nd year birthday. If such a condition exists, then a letter stating this condition exists, is necessary from a qualified vet. At this point , the seller will replace the pup, with a pup of equal value, from the next available litter. NO refunds will be given except as stated in item #1. IF this pup is sold under a spay/neuter agreement and the buyer agrees to spay/neuter the pup by 9 mos . At that time, with proof from a vet, the AKC papers will be sent to the buyer. No pet pups are to be bred.

Pups are only to be registered with the American Kennel Club or Canadian Kennel Club.

5. If the pup would die before the pup's 2nd year birthday, then an autopsy must be performed to indicate that the pup died of genetic heart condition, otherwise a replacement pup will not be given.

6. Seller agrees to give the buyer life time advice on the raising , and training of this pup.

7. Show pups: Show pups are closely evaluated and sold as show marked/show potential pups, only. Breeder agrees to give advice on the training and showing of the pup, but can not guarantee that the pup will become AKC pointed or an AKC champion. Breeder/seller can not guarantee conformation of the pup, as it matures into adulthood, therefore, no refunds or replacement pups will be given on show pups, except as stated in condition 4 and 5. Pups can not be re-sold, under any circumstances, and must be returned to the seller, if the buyer can not keep the pup. Co-ownerships will exist for the life of the dog/bitch.

8. If for any reason the buyers can not keep the pup, then the buyer must notify the seller, Mimi Kim, and the pup must either be returned to the seller, or the seller has to be made aware of and approve of the pup's new placement into a quality home.

9. The seller states that the pup sold today is well adjusted and happy pup. Temperament on the pups in not guaranteed. Our pups are well socialized, handled and loved between birth to the time they go into their new home; as well as puppy temperament tested at 7 weeks, prior to leaving the seller. The seller can not guarantee the pup's temperament and disposition after it leaves our premises.

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